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Afghan Wireless Communication Company: Connecting Afghanistan The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), is Afghanistan’s first and founding wireless communications company. When we began operations in 2002, we established Afghanistan’s mobile communications industry by being the first enterprise to offer wireless communications services to Afghan consumers and businesses. Discover More

AWCC Mission

Connecting Afghanistan to the people, opportunities and ideas that keep our clients and our country moving forward

Welcome to Afghan Wireless The Largest Telecom in Afghanistan

Afghan Wireless is the nation’s first Telecom Company with the largest microwave backbone across 34 provinces. We are the first 4G LTE, only HD voice and Apple certified network with 400+ Wi-Fi hotspots in Afghanistan. For well over a decade, Afghan Wireless has driven the rapid growth of our nation’s communications market, through its innovative development of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications, 4G LTE Internet, and Mobile Payments Services.
Afghan Wireless has played a key role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan by creating over 6000 direct and over 100,000 indirect jobs with over 5 million satisfied customers.

The Nation’s First Wireless Network With Microwave Backbone in all 34 Provinces over 2750km

The Only HD Voice & Apple Certified Network

The Fastest Mobile Data Network in Afghanistan in 2020

First 4G LTE With 400+ WiFi Hotspots

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4.75G LTE

The Afghan Wireless 4G LTE network provides your phone with wireless Internet access over greater distances than Wi-Fi and delivers data transfer rates of up to 60 Mbps. The term 4G LTE is really two terms ... Being the fastest network available means download speeds four to five times faster than 3G networks. Beside 4G LTE, Afghan Wireless also provides 3.75G+, 3G, 2.5G, Voice and Data Services to more than 6,000,000 million subscribers.

Mobile Payment

Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC) owns and operates a mobile money network in Afghanistan with the brand name “My Money”, the network consists of a fully integrated mobile money platform and supporting ecosystem including partners, agents, merchants, and service end users. ABMMC network provides a full range of mobile financial services to the public compliant with Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) regulations and other applicable laws. read more on

AWCC Super Wi-Fi

Afghan Wireless Super Wi-Fi is high speed internet that is being offered to Corporate, SMBs (Small Medium Business), NGOs and individual customers. Our strategic partnerships with 425 wireless carriers in 125 countries gives Afghan Wireless the global scale—and success—to fulfill our motto and our mission: Connecting Afghanistan to the people, opportunities and ideas that keep our clients—and our country—moving forward.

AWCC Roaming Services

AWCC International Data Roaming Pass is available for India, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, USA and Germany. Dial *477*20*4# to check the data balance. Use our roaming services and stay connected with your family, friends and business where ever you live or travel! read more on

High Speed Fiber-Optic

AWCC – Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company, operators of Afghanistan’s first and largest LTE network, has started the construction of a long-haul Fiber Optic Network. The launch of AWCC’s Fiber Network technically strengthens, accelerates and provides innovative high-speed communications services to companies, consumers, military, governmental and non-governmental organizations. AWCC fiber optic network has been designed to deliver optical performance with resiliency to dirt and dust with the capability of providing high speed fiber optic communications and data to every region of Afghanistan and supporting not only HD video, but also 4K-UHD and 8K- UHD video in a virtually unlimited fashion. .


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Afghan Wireless is the only wireless company that provides service to every province in Afghanistan. We’ve invested over $450,000,000 to develop Afghanistan’s most resilient and fail-safe wireless communications network. Our system of +1,000 base stations and additional transmission capacity, ensures that our network is always available—even in the remotest areas of Afghanistan. Afghan Wireless with more than 6,000,000 active subscribers, is Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications company.

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