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Ariana Network Services: Afghanistan’s Fastest ISP Ariana Network Service (ANS) is the pioneer ISP & ICT service provider in Afghanistan with a wide range of packages and solution to meet the all requirements of our clients. ANS provides a full set of Internet packages and IT services to major institutions (both government and non-government) and large commercial establishments throughout Afghanistan who require stable, orderly and secured connectivity with IT infrastructure. Discover More

Afghanistan’s Fastest Internet Speeds

Largest data infrastructure blended with state-of-the-art Microwave and Fiber Technology.

Welcome to Ariana Network Services (ANS)

Ariana Network Services (ANS), founded in 2007, established Afghanistan’s ISP sector. Today, Ariana Network Services is Afghanistan’s leading provider of innovative and secure IT, ISP and ICT solutions to Public and Commercial Organizations. Our comprehensive suite of secure IT and Communications services have become the go-to solution for Ministries, Banks, NGO’s and Companies who require reliable, rapid and robust IT, ISP and ICT services that are deployed on Afghanistan’s most advanced nationwide network.

Our IT, ISP and ICT solutions are designed and implemented by dedicated teams of in-house IT professionals and international consultants. ANS continuously updates its network infrastructure, so that we are able to provide our clients with Communications and IT infrastructure solutions that are Fast, Reliable, Secure, and Fail-Safe.


Key Features of ANS Internet Service

24/7 NOC and Technical Support

ANS has a fully functional and 24/7 operational NOC (Network Operation Center), and customer service center situated in Kabul and other key regions for swift support provide 24/7 customer support and maintenance/repair services.

Fully Encrypted and Secure

ANS ensures Security of its Internet Traffic through end to end Encryption with AES 128/256 which is very critical for enterprise users. The Internet provided by ANS will be unrestricted and will fully support MPLS VPN/ and other network protocols.

Best Quality of Service

Able to Provide Latency Rate: <5 Milliseconds to gateway, Interface provided will be: Ethernet, Optical SDH on OFC-G.652D, also provide Public Static IP Addresses and BGP as per requirements.


ANS Internet Path from customer premises to its Internet exchange points is carried by Fiber and Microwave ring via Non-Iranian routes like Pakistan, Uzbekistan Border & Tajikistan.

Fiber and Microwave License

ANS Fiber and Microwave is operating on wide spectrum of licensed Frequency from regulator which is key for providing high capacity stable service with 99.5% Network & service availability at Access Modem.

High Backup Capacity

Customer traffic primarily on Fiber uplink and backup on Microwave; Backup bandwidth will be 80% of contracted bandwidth while the traffic is on Backup link during primary link down. While other ISP can’t provide more than 50% of contracted traffic on backup link.

Service Availability and Redundancy

ANS brings terrestrial internet bandwidth into the country through many points at Torkham Border (Fujairah, UAE) and Spinboldak Border (Fujairah, UAE), Uzbekistan Border and Tajikistan Border. Thus it has different POP as sources of bandwidth enabling it to provide maximum redundancy for internet services in the country.

Unmatched Internet Backbone

ANS has a combination of Fiber Optics and Microwave backbone ring across the country which provides back up routes to reroute traffic in case of a link got failure. ANS backbone ring operating over MPLS to ensure automatic backup to alternative route in case one side of the ring face any outage.

IP Base Cloud

ANS utilizes Non-Chinese Equipment-Juniper IP Routers, switches and next generation firewalls for our IPv4, IPv6 MPLS network which is coupled to the Ciena fiber network. This enables ANS fiber optic network to offer customers the ability to create their own “Virtualized” networks within the ANS fiber optic network, delivering to the customer the ability to directly build, configure, and maintain their own scalable “Virtual” network with complete security.

Control and Transparency

ANS Fiber Optics and Microwave backbone owned by its provider and free from government fiber link provider Aftel; so have more control and transparency for customer compare to any other ISP in country. ANS fully owns the Internet Path from customer premises to its Internet exchange points on Afghanistan-Pakistan Border, Afghanistan-Uzbekistan Border & Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border. Service will be free of traffic shaping or any kind of port blocking.


ICT Solution
Servicing the needs of individuals, companies, governmental, non-governmental and international agencies
Dedicated Link Connectivity Services
Dedicated Internet connection over a licensed Microwave, Fiber and Point To Point solutions
Broadband Services
High Speed Broadband Internet access in Afghanistan
Prepaid Services
Delivers WiFi services to commercial, urban and suburban locations

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Bayat Media Center (BMC) Darulaman Road, Kabul, Afghanistan
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